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Post by Jii on Mon Feb 22, 2010 8:12 am


You must read the rules and put in a member application if you sign up. Do not sign up without the intention of doing this first.

Just because Cosplay Alive strongly requires in-character cosplay does not mean we are just a role play group. We would also would like to have experienced cosplayers who are very serious about their costumes.

1.) No Yaoi or random parings that shouldn't be together.
- characterxcharacter is not realistically something your characters would do. That is considered out of character. Characters that are from a Yaoi, like Gravitation/Loveless/etc are accepted because they are actually characters. (those are like...soft yaoi examples)

2.) No Furries

- Furries aren't considered cosplay. And they don't count as OC's, either.

3.) You must live in the PA area, unless if you are a long-distance member,
- Anyone is able to join the group if they are willing to join our events. If you want to be a part of the meetings and events, and have a main character for the group, you must be able to easily attend the meet ups that cosplay ALIVE holds.

4.) If you are a cosplayer, you must understand what it means to be "in character".

Being in character at events is what this group is all about. Before each meeting and events starts, A selected character of mine will make an announcement. During that announcement is when you are required to start being in character. After that moment, you will have to say "Out of character" in order to let everyone know you are doing something out of character.

Please note there is a section for your characters and you on the forums. If you have any questions with how to be in character, read this thread or contact Jii.

5.) Be respectful to all cosplayers and members of the group.

- Even if you are cosplaying a mean character, don't take it to the extent where you will hurt someone else's feelings. but please aslo be aware that if someone says something mean to you, to take no offence, as it just might be their character speaking.

6.) Before you choose your main character. You must be able to confirm that you will be able to provide a legitimate cosplay of that character regardless of when the meeting is, or else you will not be able to choose that character.
- As long as you can provide the cosplay at the time of the meeting. It is useless to hold onto a character that you will not be ready to do. You also may not hold onto a character for long if you dont show up to meetings.

7.) While submitting your members sheet, you are now required to type 'I fully read & understood all the rules.' somewhere in your form.

8.) Hiatus Status: If at any time for any reason you need to take a break from the group from a long period of time, and do not want to leave Cosplay ALIVE, you are able to do so without being fully removed from the group.
-By doing so, your name member status will become Hiatus, and you will be known as a regular member. If you are a cosplayer going on Hiatus, unfortunately you will have to surrender your main character and be known as a non-cosplayer until you are ready to come back to the group actively. Even if you plan on attending group meetings and be inconsistently active on the forums, this rule still applies.

9.) It is to be understood that this group is for serious cosplayers only.
(If you are a cosplayer-member) You are required to be serious about your cosplay costumes. Basically meaning, no half-ass cosplay.

10.) I am able to reject any member.
I am able to reject any member from having their chosen character. While I do understand that some newer-cosplayers are entering the board, I do expect you to cosplay to the best of your ability. If you do not know how to enhance your cosplay, then there are plenty of nice and respectful people on this board who will be more then happy to help you with information, tips, and tricks. Including myself.

11.) By enter Cosplay ALIVE, It is required to read the Q&A, fill our your Character Interview
,character sheet ,and member registration form in order to enter and fully be a part of this group. Please understand that if you don't meet up to your character requirements. i.e. don't portray the character you choose properly, then I have the right to ask you to choose a different character. If you wish to keep the character, there is a guide to help you to understand how to understand your character better.

12.) Have fun!!!!
- "If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong!"

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