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Logan's Registration Form Empty Logan's Registration Form

Post by BlackHawkGuts on Mon Feb 22, 2010 8:15 pm

RL Name: Logan
City: Washington
*State: PA

*Why you want to join: Sounds like a great idea and a lot of fun to be apart of. Also I'd like to try and get better at portraying the characters I cosplay.

Your cosplay experience (i.e. how long have you been cosplaying) : Hard to remember back that far actually, I'm gonna say around ten years. I've cosplayed as Future Trunks, Roronoa Zoro (Normal, Arlong Saga, Skypiea Saga), JTHM (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac), Iori Yagami, L. Lawliet, Amarao ("Eyebrows"). L and Amarao were the only two I tried to act like while in costume, and that has been within the last two years.

*How you portray what being "in character" is: Immersing oneself in the character they are dressed as, I would imagine. ^_^() heh

*Example of your "in character" experience (if you have one): At Tekko 7 and Kurokiiro I cosplayed L. Lawliet. Portraying him in character physically wasn't hard at all, though I killed my back for 4 days @_@, but it was always hard trying to be him in character verbally. When I did try I always felt a little silly since most people wern't really acting like their characters. At Kurokiiro I dusted off my suit and donned the eyebrows again and went as Amarao; it was a little easier acting like him at times since he's a little more normal then L, but alot of the time I didn't act in character... also my friend was hanging out with me and he wasn't cosplaying... so, yea. o.o()

*Which character you would like: Mayuri Kurotsuchi. My favorite character in bleach and probably third all time favorite male character in anime. XD

*Have you read the Q&A and Rules? : Yes, Yes I have. =P

*Do you plan on attending some of the events (if you are able to make it): All of them if possible. The only thing stopping me would be when I get a job again. -_- ugh.

Anything special you'd like to bring into the community?: Aside from myself... the cake. >.> However, the cake is a lie... so... yea... <.<() Will there be cake? Who knows!? >XD WAHAHA!

Additional Questions: I was wondering about sub-characters or if we had an aditional character slot. I'm planning a cosplay of Mordecai from Borderlands, and would like to try and get good at him in character also, but I wouldn't want to give up Mayuri for him. o.o()

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Logan's Registration Form Empty Re: Logan's Registration Form

Post by DestroyNoDead on Mon Feb 22, 2010 9:24 pm

You're such a dork. tongue


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Logan's Registration Form Empty Re: Logan's Registration Form

Post by Jii on Mon Feb 22, 2010 9:42 pm

haha! Very nice to have you with us!!!

I remember when I played as L, I suppose I always had a easy time with it cause I always had a Light. :P
I remember at one Tekkoshocon, people were feeding my Pokey all day cause they loved my cosplay XD

About your question: There will be additional character slots. But they are ant as "permanent" as sub-character slots are.
Your main character can be changed whenever, but that's totally up to you and no one can take away your main character unless you agree to switch.
But when you have a sub-character, someone who wants to be that character can choose to have that character as well.

I believe this is something we can stabilize when we have our meetings. ^_^

I will put you down as Mayuri, and also give you your extra slot. :3

by the way... I LOVE cake. xD

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Logan's Registration Form Empty Re: Logan's Registration Form

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