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Post by PlasmaAttack on Thu May 12, 2011 4:56 am

( I sent an email to Jii, who said I was allowed to fill out a member form. :> )

RL Name: Christin Bongiorni
City: Burgettstown
State: Pennsylvania

Why you want to join: I love cosplaying, but really don’t have any cosplaying friends. I want to be a part of a cosplay group so I can take part in masquerades, photoshoots, and awesome times with awesome people!

Where you heard of Cosplay ALIVE? : I saw a link to it through a recent comment on the Tekkoshocon Facebook.

Your cosplay experience (i.e. how long have you been cosplaying) : I have been cosplaying for about 4 years, and in that time I have created 14 cosplays, 11 of which I have debuted at conventions.

How you portray what being "in character" is in detail: In order to be in character when I cosplay, I always make sure I do a bit of research on the character before the convention. I try to mimic their walk and body positions as well as I can, and I converse with people as if I were the character. I change my voice sometimes, depending on the character, in order to better portray the character. Facial expressions are always a large portion of my acting in character, as are very animated hand motions. When acting in character when I cosplay, I use all of the skills I have learned in 4 years of theater experience, and I try my hardest to portray characters as best as I can.

Example of your "in character" experience in detail (if you have one): I have cosplayed the Bubblehead Nurse from the Silent Hill series several times, and because facial expressions and a voice are not used in the portrayal of this character, I rely completely on my body position and movements to portray this character. I twitch my head in every direction with jerky movements, I “walk” as if I do not really know how to use my legs, and I pose in strange, horrifying positions when I have to stand still. This cosplay has been featured in the Tekkoshocon IX fashion show and a Pittsburgh Post Gazette News Reel covering the 2009 Monroeville Zombie Walk, and every time I wear this costume, I receive so many comments on how accurate my character portrayal is, and I even receive a few hugs from die-hard Silent Hill fans.

( – A video of the fashion show at Tekkoshocon IX. My Bubblehead Nurse walk-on starts at 6:10. )

Which character you would like to have and why: Currently, I do not really have a character preference. I would like to portray a character I have already cosplayed, such as Reno or Nurse Joy, if this cosplay group ever does a group cosplay including one of my cosplays, but I am absolutely open to cosplaying new characters!

Have you read the Q&A and Rules? : I fully read & understand all the rules.

Do you plan on attending some of the events (if you are able to make it): I would absolutely love to attend as many events as I possibly can! Cons that are very far away may be hard for me to attend, but I will definitely try to attend as many events as I possibly can, even if it means having to travel.

Describe to me how you prepare your cosplay. What elements do you bring together for your costume?: I always try to make my cosplays as accurate as possible, even paying close attention to the seams of clothing. I study costumes a lot before I begin actual construction, and give myself a lot of time to search for the perfect, most accurate fabrics. Most of my costumes so far have been created with my own patterns, or heavily altered patterns, but I often experiment with scrap fabric before I begin the final product. Hot glue is always my friend when I run into a problem or time issues, but I never sacrifice quality work for time constraints. Wig styling is still rather new to me, but I have styled several difficult wigs, such as a Reno (Final Fantasy VII) and Nurse Joy (Pokemon) wig, and I believe they turned out great for not having much experience with wigs. Props are also very important to me when it comes to cosplaying, and I enjoy making props the most. My pride and joy props are my Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) mask and my Kairi Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts), which were created with painstaking attention to detail and incredibly hard work. My Kairi Keyblade even won the Best Prop award at Tekkoshocon VIII’s Scale Modeling Competition!

Please post a photo or two of your cosplay: - My Cresento cosplay for the Gaia Online Cosplay Competition. I actually won in the Cresento S-Rank category, even though this costume was created completely in under 2 days using scrap materials I had laying around the house. - My Nurse Joy cosplay and the Cresento cosplay I created for my friend, Jacob. These are my most recent cosplay creations.

( - Here’s the link to my full account, if you’re interested. )

Additional Questions: I don’t have any questions currently! :>


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PlasmaAttack Registration Form Empty Re: PlasmaAttack Registration Form

Post by Jii on Thu May 12, 2011 5:55 am

Your nurse joy is adorable XD
Anyhow, thanks so much for signing up. I have no doubt in my mind that you will make a great addition to our cosplay group :)

Which character though would you enjoy as your main character? Your main character, which may be changed at any time, will represent you in the group and will be your default cosplay that you will bring to cosplay outings for other characters to interact with. :) This character will also be the character you role play if you wish on the forums and the one that will be required to fill out their character interview.

I will send you an invite to be a part of the group, and you may choose what you want to do in the group from there ^_^

Thanks and welcome to Cosplay ALIVE!

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