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Post by Jii on Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:54 pm


Q: How do I choose my character?

A: Our members will be able to choose their character they want to be known as and they will fill that spot for that character, so when we all get together for events, we wont have any doubles.
They can change their character though, at any time, as long as someone else hasn't taken that spot.
they can also choose to be OC's if they want to.


Q: Do I have to cosplay to be in the club?

A: If you want to be in the group, you don't necessarily have to cosplay, but to be considered a part of one of our characters in the group. You'd have to choose a character.
It would be totally fine if you would want to just hang out though and interact with the cosplayers who are in character, as long as you treated them like they should be treated.


Q: What kind of character can I choose?

A: For the group you can choose whichever character you want from an anime, game, or manga, etc.
in the group, you yourself will be known for what character you choose.
There are no copies allowed in the group, so if a character that you want is already chosen, then you will have to choose another character until the character you want is available. (they will be available again if the person playing that character changes. Its pretty much, first come first serve sorta deal)
This is important for when we do meet-ups.
That way you can gain reputation if you want, being known for your favorite character.
and you wont have to worry about competition with the same character as you.

It would be best if you chose a character that you know a lot about and that you would be able to act as them in any situation.


Q: So, you can change your character? How does this work?

: yes, you can change your character as long as the character that you want is available. I call them "character slots"
Different members will have their own character slot.
Beside their names they will have which character they are.
If you would want to change your character, all you'd have to do is make sure that your character isn't already taken by someone else, and notify a admin about which character you wish to change to. Then that would be your new character. :3

You can find information on which characters are available, here: (We will be more then happy to answer.Members)


: So what else is there to do in this club other then choosing our character?

A: We hold events, like picnics, photoshoots, and, games, project, all sorts of different event meet-ups!
All events will be discussed and planned inside the forums.


Q: Can I cosplay, but not act in character at meet-ups?

A: No, this group is for cosplayers who like to be in character only. If you don't want to act in character, then please don't cosplay. But of course if you need the time to sit and take a break, do so. We understand that you aren't literally -the- character, so feel free to take a break. Make sure you tell people that your OOC.
We don't want people to expect you to act like the character, and then you don't.


Q: I'm new to cosplay and acting in character.
can I still be in the group?

A: As long as you do your best and are willing to grow in experance, you are accepted.
If you need help or have questions about anything at all, please feel free to ask someone for some advice.
Not to mention that there are a lot of posts in the forum to help you improve and fit in!
(How To: Be in Character.)


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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