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Ouji's Cosplayer Registration Form Empty Ouji's Cosplayer Registration Form

Post by Ouji on Wed May 26, 2010 9:27 pm

Cosplayer Form

RL Name: Mizuki
City: Pretty much Pittsburgh.
*State: Pennsylvania

*Why you want to join: It sounds fun. c:

Your cosplay experience (i.e. how long have you been cosplaying): Hard question. Um, official US convention debut was 2 years ago. Actual cosplay debut---counting the smallest of things(example: Halloween), maybe 5-ish years?

*How you portray what being "in character" is: It's acting. Can't find a better, simpler way to put it.

*Example of your "in character" experience (if you have one): If it counts, the very first started when I started role playing as characters online(xanga, Gaia, forums, LJ, messengers, etc.). I'm "in-character" when I'm acting for theater. In terms of cosplay, my cos-friends will plan a gathering from time to time -- like when we went laser tagging and had a mafia war as "Katekyo Hitman REBORN!" characters. xD

*Which character you would like: That's tough. I'm really not much for "exclusivity," or claims. But for now, I'll say Orihara Izaya from Durarara!! for the... "Main Slot," was it? And for the "sub slots," I'll consider Okita Sougo from Gintama and/or Marui Bunta from Prince of Tennis. c:

*Have you read the Q&A and Rules? : Sure did.

*Do you plan on attending some of the events (if you are able to make it): If I can make it, of course! As long as my schedule says okay. xD

* Decribe to me how you prepare your cosplay. What elements do you being together for your costume?: Pick character --> Outline/Design cosplay(costume, wig, makeup, props) --> Make/Buy cosplay --> Adjust/Enhance/Modify/Style --> Done. All then while, I'm image-training and thinking up of poses. xD I don't have a particular element that I pay specific attention to---but if I had to choose, probably the makeup.

Anything special you'd like to bring into the community?: Um... fun? xD I don't know. I'm an aspiring actress("seiyuu" to be specific. [shutup i'm a dreamer] Starting out in pittsburgh to do Japanese voice overs for promotional videos rofl), so... I want to practice IC-ness as much of possible while in this community? Wait, that's not bringing anything. Um, um... my loooove? *shapes fingers into a heart* 8D;;;
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