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Rachella's Registration Form Empty Rachella's Registration Form

Post by DestroyNoDead on Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:07 am

RL Name: Rachel
City: Washington
*State: Pennsylvania

*Why you want to join: I look forward to meeting everyone in the group and taking some fantastic pictures, while enjoying the setting given from being able to watch cosplayers at work. Smile

*Have you read the Q&A and Rules? : Er, doing it now... >_> And done. Yes, I did. Very Happy

*Do you plan on attending some of the events (if you are able to make it): All of them! Very Happy

Anything special you'd like to bring into the community?: I hope to bring some welcome cheering on of everyone cosplaying. ^_^ As well as the chance and opportunity to give the group members some great pictures of their cosplay!

Additional Questions: None from me! Except for Logan. I'm not sure if he'll make a forum name, since I usually do most of our forum work. If he does decide to make one, then he'll be posting his registration later. If not, then I'll post it later for him after getting him to answer the questions. Smile

Okay, that wasn't really a question, but I figure that was the best spot for the announcement. ^^


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