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Post by Chan on Fri Jul 16, 2010 12:26 am

Cosplayer Form

RL Name: Chandler
City: Edinboro, PA ( two hours from Pitt. )
*State: PA

Why you want to join: I have friends in this group, and enjoy cosplaying in character. Becoming a character is an art in itself!

*Your cosplay experience (i.e. how long have you been cosplaying) : I've been cosplaying seriously for two years. I learned about cosplay

*How you portray what being "in character" is in detail: It's more than just saying things your character would say - it's becoming the character. React how'd they react, move the way they move... all the little details.

*Example of your "in character" experience in detail (if you have one): As Bianchi, I chased my Tsuna (Stevie) around yelling about how he stole Reborn from me. I also carried around my poison cooking and tried to feed my brother with it - but he "fainted". Too bad. Recently I've been acting like Paine as I make her cosplay! Fussing at my Rikku for being too. . . Rikku. xD;

Which character you would like to have and why:
Paine from FFX-2. It'll be the hardest cosplay I've worked on, and therefore the one I want to put the most effort into making it awesome. Which means acting in character.
*Have you read the Q&A and Rules? : I fully read & understood all the rules.

*Do you plan on attending some of the events (if you are able to make it): Of course!

* Describe to me how you prepare your cosplay. What elements do you being together for your costume?: Well, for making it - I gather as many refs. of the character as possible, as well as bookmark tutorials I may need for making the outfit. Then I buy all the materials and work on it. I also look into the character's background by watching / reading the series or game they're from, and learn as much about them as possible.

Anything special you'd like to bring into the community?: I might be getting an awesome camera soon! but other than that, I can sew. c:

Additional Questions: None! c:


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Chan's Registration Form Empty Re: Chan's Registration Form

Post by Jii on Wed Aug 04, 2010 12:36 am

after otakon, are you sure you want these as main characters?

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Character sheet
Main Character: Kokonoe

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